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Got leaks or burst pipes? Don’t panic and contact a certified plumber. At Plumber Neutral Bay, we are dedicated in the achievement of excellence through the delivery of quality plumbing service at a very reasonable price. Our emergency plumbing engineers are highly qualified to deal with several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • ✔ Leaks or burst pipes
  • ✔ Hot water emergencies
  • ✔ Blocked drains

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Neutral Bay Plumbing Emergency

The delivery truck was all packed and ready to go, Hayley and Brenden would miss their old house but they were very excited to move into their new home at Neutral Bay. It had seemed like an eternity for all of the hours it had taken to sort through and pack up after 20 years in the same house and it was a good opportunity
to throw out some stuff that they had always meant to do but never seemed to get around to.

She had finally packed away the last of the boxes and gave the carpet a quick vacuum one last time. “Well goodbye old friend” Hayley said as she closed the door for the last time. The removalist truck pulled out of the driveway bound for Neutral Bay. She was going to drop the house keys to the Real Estate Agent and then meet Brenden at their new house and start the task of unpacking all their things.

Hayley was a little emotional as she drove away but was soon consumed by excitement as the house they had purchased was only something that she had dreamed of and never thought that she would move. She was also pleased to be finally moving away from the neighbours barking dog, it had driven her balmy for years!

Brenden opened the front door as the removalist truck backed up the driveway. He helped to guide them in as it was a pretty tight squeeze. The three young guys eagerly jumped down from the cabin and started unloading the furniture and bedding. They were clearly in a hurry to unload the truck as time was money and the quicker they unloaded the quicker they could go to their next job.

The last of the boxes were unloaded and Brendan bid them farewell. He took a moment to take in the scene of all of the boxes and he had to admin to himself it was a daunting task moving house and he owed not to do it again!

Just as he was feeling a pang of self-pity he heard an almighty crack and then a lot of raised voices – “Danny you idiot I told you to watch how close we were!” He ran out into the driveway to see that the removalist truck had run over the letter box snapping from the post and then severing the water meter, there was a new water feature in the front yard. Brendan went to talk to the driver and he was standing at the front of the truck and apologised to Brendan.

One of the neighbours felt sorry for Brendan and told him of Your Neighbourhood Plumber who does Neutral Bay Emergency Plumbing. Brendan called the plumber after making sure the driver was going to cover the repairs. The Neutral Bay plumber arrived when he said he would and was able to effect repairs to the damaged water pipe but announced the smashed letterbox had unfortunately seen better days.

Hayley arrived on the scene to see Brendan and the plumber looking at the smashed letterbox and she had already started to figure out what happened. “You will never believe this” Brendan said. “Oh I think I will.” She smiled.

If you have a Plumbing Emergency in Neutral Bay or need after hours service call 0488 885 186 for prompt, professional service.

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