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5 Different Kinds of Hose Bib

kinds of hose bib

We use hose bibs for watering yards, washing and other purposes. If you haven’t seen one, these are the threaded taps situated outside your houses. Like any other fixtures we have at home, hoses bib comes in variations that can be used for different purposes. As homeowners, it always an advantage to know the differences in order to know what is suitable for you.

Frost free hose bib

For areas which have experiences winter season and temperatures that fall to zero, homeowners prefer to use frost free bub for this situation. Typically, this bib can be located on external spigots. It can also be used during winter season since takes out the prerequisites like turning the tap off. Without this type of hose bib, the season will surely damage your hoses because of stagnant water that wasn’t drained. It would be best to opt for this bib so that you wouldn’t have to take some time to check your amenities because you are sure that they were protected. Also, you won’t have to spend money for any repair and replacements.

Old school hose bib

Of all the models available in the market, old school bibs are considered to be the oldest. Apparently, these bibs can be found at old houses. Compared to the first type of bib, old school bibs can’t be used to areas which experience constant cold weather conditions. This because you are required to it has to be shut down and drain all the stagnant water. Moreover, to keep all your hose from freezing, all of them should be insulated. As mentioned that isn’t suitable for cold areas, you can only use old school bib for warm areas.

Loose key hose bib

For households who have a lot of taps and outdoor tap users, this is perfect for you. What makes it extremely reliable is because it has a loose key that has the ability to unfasten when they aren’t used. If you unfasten it, this would mean that you don’t permit anybody to utilise your outdoor taps, thus, they need your permission if they really want to use it. If there are any damage found in the fixture, it would be easy for you to know who damaged it. Lastly, it will be easy for you to know who will handle the expenses for the repair.

Round plastic hose bib

When your water tank requires maintenance, round plastic bibs can come in handy. The advantage of having this bib is that it can be detached without complication. In addition, this it can also be used in water heater bib. If you opt for this, you can just turn and pull the bib a little to detach it.

Knobbed hose bib

Like round plastic bibs, knobbed hose bib can also be used for water heaters. If you want to conduct a cleaning operation to the unit, having this type of bib gives an easy drain process to the appliance. There will be a difficulty in dismantling the bib. It required a wrench and an effort to do so.