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Rusty discoloration from your hot water tap? Don’t panic and contact a certified plumber straightaway. At Plumber Neutral Bay, we ensure to provide quality plumbing service at an affordable price. Our hot water specialists are proficient and experienced in dealing with all types of hot water problems.

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Burst Hot Water System Neutral Bay

Friday was a good day for Renee and Cameron, one more day at work and then the weekend. Cameron was getting dressed for work and Renee was headed down to the garage to get some more dog biscuits for Beau their beloved border collie.

She walked down the stairs to see Beau waiting patiently at the door to be let in. Renee opened the door to the garage and stepped into a puddle of water. She looked down to see that the whole floor was flooded. “Cameron!” she yelled. Cameron raced downstairs wondering what the problem was, he could hear the sound in her voice that it wasn’t good news.

“What is the…” he stopped mid-sentence as he saw the water all over the floor. He opened the garage door to see the water running down the driveway and realised that there was only one thing it could be, the hot water heater!

He walked over to the heater and saw that it had a severe leak in the base of the unit and rusty water was leaking all over the floor. He reached for his phone in his pocket and called “Your Neighbourhood Plumber Neutral Bay”. It was important for a business person to connect with good people to get the job done, and this plumber really impressed him last visit. He told the plumber what was wrong and he told him to turn off the water supply to as the tank will still try to keep refilling. He also advised him if he felt safe doing it to isolate the power to the tank.

Cameron had to go to work but Renee was lucky her boss was in a good mood and allowed her to have time off to have the tank replaced. The plumber arrived with a tank on his truck as Cameron was able to provide him with a lot of information that he needed to bring a new tank with him.

He drained the drained the remaining water onto the grass and removed the old tank. He mopped up the excess water and allowed it to dry while he made adjustments to the existing pipework for the tank. He placed the new tank into place and connected it to the pipework and helped to clean up the floor of the garage by sweeping out the excess water.

He was very efficient and so helpful Renee was happy to recommend him to her family and friends. He could see that like many people, Renee and Cameron had not had their hot water tank checked since it was installed which was one of the contributing factors in this case.

Hot water issues can potentially cause chaos. Employing the services of the right professionals, will ensure such issues can be rectified quickly and thoroughly. Call us on 0488 885 186.

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