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PipeReligning_Layout1_9 iconAre you planning to buy an old house? If so, be sure to check its different systems (gas, heating, electrical and plumbing) for problems. Its plumbing system is one of the first things that should be assessed. If you notice that it has old components that have corroded, then there is a high chance that the plumbing system is not working efficiently. In order for it to be fixed properly, professional assistance is needed, although fixing some plumbing issues yourself is possible.

What cannot be fixed without professional help, however, is a sewer problem, specifically a sewer blockage. Signs of a sewer blockage include the following:

    • Gurgling and bubbling drains
    • At least two drains are blocked or drain water slowly
    • Water rises in the toilet bowl
    • The sewer gully overflows
    • There are bad smells in different parts of the property

Roots are the main cause of sewer blockage, and they get in the sewer line through holes and cracks in sewer pipes. Once inside, they will start to catch debris that flows down there until a blockage is created.

Solutions to blocked sewers include:

    • Using an electric eel to clear the sewer line
    • Pipe relining

The first solution, though effective, requires digging and pipe replacement, making it expensive and time-consuming. Pipe relining, on the other hand, does not require either, making it a far better solution for the following reasons:

    • It saves you money, one reason being because there is no need to hire a landscaper afterwards to repair damaged landscape.
    • With pipe relining, you do not have to deal with mess at all, since the sewer pipe is accessed through a single access point.
    • The lining is as durable as the common sewer pipe, making pipe replacement unnecessary.
    • Lastly, since it addresses sewer line blockages for the long term, it increases the value of the property.

What are the steps in pipe relining?

    • An access point is created at a small area of the property.
    • The sewer pipe interior is partially cleaned with a water jetter to make the next step easier.
    • A video camera is inserted down the sewer line. The footage is used to determine if pipe relining is the best solution to the problem.
    • Once deeming pipe relining an appropriate solution, the sewer line is then completely cleaned using a water jetter.
    • The lining is inserted and inflated in the pipe to serve as its new lining.
    • Another video footage of the new sewer line interior is taken. This allows the team to know how successfully they performed the task.

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