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4 Various Pipe Repair Methods


Each homeowner has probably faced a serious pipe issue many times in a year. On the other hand, many have followed the advice of experts to take on a certain pipe rehabilitation method. When talking about pipe repair, typically, people would think about the traditional method that is costly due to equipment, labour, manpower and consumable resources needed. However, due to modern innovations, several pipe repair method have been created to meet your demands. Here are the following:


Internal pipe coating

Internal pipe coating is known to be quite similar to pipe relining procedure. However, in this process, only the holes and cracks on the pipe are being sealed while those parts that are not damaged are left alone. During the operation, a mixture of a thick lining is placed on the interior of the pipe. Experts have already proven that the seal being used tends to last for generations without the tendency of falling off.


Pipe bursting

This kind of operation is very useful when the only option left is to replace your extremely damaged pipe. For some pipe issues discovered in its earliest stage, these pipes can still be relined. When the pipe can no longer be redeemed, contractors would choose pipe bursting method to repair the lines. In the operation, the main equipment needed for the operation to be successful is the bursting tool. Subsequent to the excavation procedures, the bursting head is inserted into the pipe. Furthermore, on the tip of the device, blades are being placed in order to burst the pipe as it is pulled through the other opening. Lastly, at the end of the bursting, the replacement pipe is being attached so that the bursting and replacing procedures are being done at the same time.



This type of pipe repair is similar to the pulled-in-place. On the other hand, their distinction can be seen in cured-in-place that uses an inversion chamber instead of a bladder. As the liner is inserted within, it will be inverted that it will face the pipe’s interior wall in order for a better adhering. During the curing procedure, this method uses a UV light that is dragged across the pipe through a remote-controlled robot.



The process begins in excavating an entrance and exit point on both ends of the broken pipe. Then, the interior of the broken pipe will be clean first using a water jetting method. To make sure that the pipe is free from any dirt, it’s time inspect the pipe with the utilisation of a CCTV pipe inspection procedure. Aside from that, the inspections aim to discover other pipe issues as leaks and cracks in order to assess the damage. After that, the contractors begin to mix an epoxy compound together with liquid substances needed to create a liner. The mixture will then be placed into the liner that will be flattened in order to achieve even distribution. Lastly, the liner, with a blade on the centre, will be inserted into the pipe. the bladder is inflated and the liner will cure in its place.